Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What's going on?

Well, this happened...

then this happened...

and whilst we were doing that, this happened...

... we've actually been fairly busy backstage. 
There is new music brewing, we are talking to people regarding playing some shows somewhere quite special. All this and more to be revealed when the time is right. Until then...

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Abandoned Structures 2006 - 2016

We are 10!
It's been a whole decade since the wheels of KONTAKTE started to roll and to celebrate such an occasion we have offered up a new release which just so happens to span that entire 10 years.

Abandoned Structures 2006 - 2016 is a chronological collection of unreleased studio outtakes, bedroom demos and laptop experiments from a decade of recordings by KONTAKTE.
Whilst some of these tracks are still considered to be sketches, some are certainly fully fleshed tunes. To mark 10 years of KONTAKTE it seemed ideal to bring them all together in one place so you can enjoy everything that finally deserves to be heard but previously never quite passed our own strict levels of 'quality control'.
These tracks were written with full intention at every step but for one reason or another never found a true home. They were left on hard drives, lost amongst digital clutter, never to be worked on properly and destined to almost never be heard. Until now.

The 16 track album is available as a FREE Download and Stream - via our Bandcamp site now!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Noise Annoys!

Things to do:

1. Write more music, then record it, then release it.
2. Work on a soundtrack for an indie film.
3. Continue to play more shows so that we can unleash this new music we are writing and recording.
4. Release an albums worth of 'Unreleased/Outakes/Demo' stuff to mark 10 years of a thing called Kontakte.

Because that's what bands do.



Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Pig & Applestock in glorious Technicolor!

Images Rachel Dando

More Choas!

Review and images from our show at The Black Heart, London 07/08/15
"First up are London’s Kontakte. A duo wielding a bass and guitar between them, and with an array of electronic equipment surrounding them, their sound is certainly post-something-or-other, although firmly entrenched in electronic genres. Starting off on a mellow note, it’s not long before glitchy beats stop and start under a wash of post-rock-flavored guitar noise, with neither bassist nor guitarist shying away from rocking out.
There’s an array of emotions emerging from their set; in turns euphoric and introspective, the songs twist around thundering programmed drums and effects-laden melodies. The sound never lets up, and even between songs there is a low hum of ambient drone. Their half hour is an intense ride, but the audience emerge out the other side significantly better for it, and Kontakte set the mood perfectly for the evening."
(Mark Angel Brandt,

Images © Jose Ramon CaamaƱo

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

More summer fun!

August looks set to see us move onwards and upwards.
From the first gig in Camden next week (which just so actually happens to be our 100th Show!) to the Festival slot at the Pig & Apple Stock, we find ourselves going from first on the bill to main stage headliners. All in a months work.