Conceived in 2005 from a string of old 4-track demos and further realized via a labyrinth of digital workstations and computer software, Kontakte emerged in early 2006. The concept was to blend organic instrumentation within an electronic and hypnotic framework of programmed beats and pulsing synths. Inspired by the walls of sound of bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mogwai, Kontakte’s other main passions were the ambient sounds of Brian Eno, mid-late 70’s German electronica and the early 90’s shoegaze scene. Taking elements from all of these things, Kontakte have endeavoured to create a sound that is uniquely and deservedly their own.

The Kontakte live experience is a blistering wall of intense guitar noise bonded by shimmering electronics and ethereal melodies. The emphasis always on constantly pushing boundaries and continuously stretching both the scale and the limits of their music. The band have toured both the UK and Germany sharing stages along the way with M83, Fuck Buttons, Vessels, A Place To Bury Strangers, UpCDownC, Port-Royal, Damo Suzuki, The Telescopes, The Lost Rivers...

Releases to date include three studio albums : 
'These Machines' (2014) 
‘We Move Through Negative Spaces’ (2011)  
‘Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies’ (2008)

Various EP releases include:
'Divergent Forms' (2015), 'Fear Of Music' (2014) & 'Superbug' (2010), plus the 'Deconstructed/Reconstructed' and 'Snowflake' Remix EP's (2011/2012) both from the 'Negative Spaces' period.
Two early 7” vinyl singles 'Motorik' and 'Sterile World' show Kontakte's clear inception and the birth of their initial promise to continuously deliver their own brand of ‘hypnotic, textural, cinematic noise’.

Kontakte have been remixed by such luminaries as Tim Holmes (Death In Vegas), Chris Olley (Six. By Seven & Twelve), David Gooday (Nitzer Ebb), Clem Leek, Winterlight, A Dancing Beggar, The Electric Mainline, Russell.M.Harmon and labelmates Oppressed By The Line & Matt Bartram.
A new Remix EP 'Divergent Forms' released in Spring 2015 added further names to an already impressive remix roster.

2016 will see Kontakte continue to play live as an established duo with an ever more raw,  electronic approach. Whilst in the studio they begin to put together what will become their next release...

(Photo © Simon Kallas)