Sunday, 6 September 2015

More Choas!

Review and images from our show at The Black Heart, London 07/08/15
"First up are London’s Kontakte. A duo wielding a bass and guitar between them, and with an array of electronic equipment surrounding them, their sound is certainly post-something-or-other, although firmly entrenched in electronic genres. Starting off on a mellow note, it’s not long before glitchy beats stop and start under a wash of post-rock-flavored guitar noise, with neither bassist nor guitarist shying away from rocking out.
There’s an array of emotions emerging from their set; in turns euphoric and introspective, the songs twist around thundering programmed drums and effects-laden melodies. The sound never lets up, and even between songs there is a low hum of ambient drone. Their half hour is an intense ride, but the audience emerge out the other side significantly better for it, and Kontakte set the mood perfectly for the evening."
(Mark Angel Brandt,

Images © Jose Ramon Caamaño