Monday, 22 June 2015


What a blast. London to Inverness and back again in 4 days via Doncaster, Edinburgh, the remote Scottish Highlands, a Morrisons in Berwick Upon Tweed and Doncaster again!
Thanks to everyone who came out and whose own little piece made up what became one hell of a puzzle.
Doncaster - Massive cheers to the Goodsouls Promotions boys for driving all the way up to see us, your commitment shows no bounds. Cheers to Symon Payne, always good to see you still turning up at these random gigs we do. Fantastic to finally meet the one and only Doctor Death - legend! Good to see you too Robb Hogg x Thanks to Nick for putting us up and to Gemma for the awesome breakfast butty.
If anyone needs a tour van then speak to Jimmy Mac, he's your man. That van was something else, the fact that only one thing fell off throughout the whole trip is a bloody miracle!
Edinburgh - cheers to Paul for putting us up / putting up with us - really appreciated. Thanks so much to Andrew for recording a session at the Inch House Studios, that was great fun. We've already heard the Masters and it sounds immense. Big shout out to the lovely lady who joined us half way through the night in Bannermans, hope you got home safe???
"There's a dead rat in my pint."
"Sausage supper and deep fried Haggis!"
Inverness - well that was something else, we truly truly will never forget you - what a night! Thanks to His Name Is Codeine for coming along.
Cheers to We Are Carnivores for telling us how to do better in future (cheeky @£$!^& kids!) and yes, we shall check out Electro Harmonix!!!......? Big shout out to our Danish hostel room mate who must still be cycling in some place up towards John O' Groats, he's 64 you know. Best not forget the sweet girl from Donny who put on a good show in McDonalds at 3am : )
"War Pigs"
Bill Hicks
Edinburgh - Feeling a bit weary now... Haggis Burgers!
Thanks to Colvin and The Wee Red Bar, hands down that could possibly be within the top 3 gigs ever. Amazing night. Thanks to the sound man for just letting us and the 93 just be us. 
"War Pigs!"
Thanks to everyone who turned up, whether you were from Scotland, Stoke or Amsterdam, you made this night what it was and worth spending 4 days in the van stinking and losing fragments of our precious minds somewhere en route.
Cheers to Bruce Cowie for the excellent photos and the abstract film below. Much appreciated. Cheers to Marko too, your visuals still look amazing when blasted by our noise in a dark room.
The Egg - too hot. Need sleep.
"3 Sausage suppers please."
Thanks again Paul, your flat is amazing.
Lost iPod.
Roads. Lots of long roads.....
"Honk if you're happy"
Doug Stanhope.
The biggest thanks of course goes to 93MillionMilesFromTheSun.
Scotland. We will be back.