Friday, 6 September 2013


So, whats occurring? 
As work on the next Kontakte record continues apace, this message is to let you know about a solo album released today by ex-Kontakte member, Ben Worth, on the Rural Colours label. 
Ben played with Kontakte from early 2007 through to late 2010 (two albums, a few EPs, and about fifty live shows... very happy times), but left the UK once the recording and mixing of the Negative Spaces album was finished at the end of 2010. He now resides in Toronto, and although he has provided some occasional input from afar into the new Kontakte material that is in progress, he has also been putting together some solo recordings under the name threethings. 
The album is titled Antecedent Conditions and it is available now directly from the label, or digitally via Bandcamp. It will also soon be in stock at Norman Records, Stashed Goods, P*Dis, and Linus Records.
threethings started as a project after Ben's move to Canada, where he found more time to explore sounds that interested him - playing with pedals, processing and manipulating guitar loops, and combining the results with field recordings, contact mic textures, and other found sounds. The album features six tracks built up in this way from a base of processed guitar loops and the incidental sounds that were captured along with them. Additional sounds, textures, and instrumentation were added as the tracks were slowly sculpted into their final form - all the while trying to find something beautiful in the imperfect and accidental nature of the original recordings.

The album has received some kind words already from the Stationary Travels site.
"...the musical equivalent of laying on one's back whilst daydreaming and watching the sunlight dance through the branches", "...a beautiful album", "...highly recommended."

If you would like to know more, follow this link:

threethings on the internet