Sunday, 10 April 2011

When The Sun Hits The Sinema

There could be two reasons why the updates here have been so slow of late:
1. We're lazy and there's nothing to tell
2. We've been mad busy and just haven't found the time
We're happy to say it's definitely the latter!
We'll try and make amends to that and keep on top of things more regularly in future. Now we have developed this Blog page into something a bit more informative then some more information might be a good thing.

Thanks for all the nice responses we've had for the new album so far. Some nice reviews coming in which we'll feature on a separate Press page here soon. Easiest way to find these at the moment is to scout our Facebook page.
There are some amusing things happening in the next week or so (which we'll tell you about when they've actually happened!) plus confirmation of some more live shows. Eyes peeled.
In the meantime, a couple of recent interviews we have done for a couple of great websites :

When The Sun Hits
At The Sinema