Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Club AC30

It has always been a pleasure to play for Club AC30. One of the most honest promoters out there that book a band solely on the basis that they like your music and not because they think (or insist!) that you're going to bring X amount of people to a show to line their pockets.
Through Club AC30 I had the good fortune of discovering Air Formation about 7 years ago and was sold instantly. It was infact after Matt Bartram's first solo album release that a lightbulb went off in the head to contact Drifting Falling Records with whom he had released 'Arundel'. To become label mates has definitely been an accomplishment.
Matt produced a remix for us which was released on our debut album and now - and maybe for one night only, who knows? - Matt Bartram joins KONTAKTE onstage for Club AC30's 7th Birthday Party this coming Thursday 21st April at The Lexington in London.
It's nice when things work out.


Club AC30
Air Formation