Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mini-Tour Next Week !

Just a quick heads up to you all before KONTAKTE hit the road next week on our first jaunt of headline shows (except London - see below). We've been rehearsing and teaching ourselves how to play our own songs backwards (!) so if the excitement of it all gets too much for us we should know where we are if we miss a beat. And if we do, we'll be expecting you to tell us afterwards !

There's a few more dates coming after these when the dark nights really start drawing in but first up we have :

Weds 27th October - Leeds, Carpe Diem (Free Entry)
Thurs 28th October - Barrow-In-Furness, The Nines
Fri 29th October - London, Club AC30 @ The Wilmington Arms w/ port-royal & Winterlight
Sat 30th October - Chichester, The Inn

Tickets for the promisingly excellent London show can be found here :


They are selling... be warned.

In other happy news, our second album 'We Move Through Negative Spaces' is currently being made to look as good as we think it sounds over at the Drifting Falling Records headquarters.
We plan to get our mits on it soon to construct a kind of Fort Knox of handmade limited edition packaging around it, which means if you're quick enough to get one of the first 50 copies you'll be greeted with more than you expect in terms of band/fan generosity.
The limited edition will come complete with a DVD containing films for 3 of the album tracks and many other special bits and pieces.

Hope to see you out there next week.