Friday, 13 August 2010

We Move Through Negative Spaces

So - we've spent the best part of a year writing, recording, re-writing and re-recording our second album. Its finished now and we are very, very happy with it. We've decided to call it 'We Move Through Negative Spaces'.
The title doesn't refer to any one thing in particular, its a fairly open-ended phrase that we liked the sound of after coming across it whilst one of us was studying architecture !? It transpires that it could somehow refer to the journey of Kontakte through the years - somewhat up, somewhat down but forever moving forward. Kontakte although at times has come up against it has managed to move on - into the positive place it finds itself now.

We recorded 11 tracks in all. Some were done at the home studio, some in our rehearsal room straight to a laptop. We mixed it for what at times felt like an eternity, the repetition becoming disorientating, its a good job the kettle stayed permanently on the boil.
3 of these tracks came out in July on the super-limited edition single 'Superbug'. Some copies must still be available out there... you can find Superbug itself on iTunes if you prefer.
The remaining 8 tracks have made the cut onto the album and it goes without saying that we are extremely proud and happy with the results.

We took the tracks to Metropolis Studios in London to have them mastered by our man Mazen. Quite an incredible suite as you'll see below. To hear the tracks back over speakers that stand 8ft tall is an experience in itself. The tracks are now sounding pristine and awaiting you to hear them. Nuff said.

We hope to have the album with you this autumn.