Friday, 25 June 2010


The New Single SUPERBUG will be released on 12th July 2010.
Our good, good friends at Drifting Falling are doing the honours for us once again (thankyou !x).
This is a one-off, extremely limited release. A bit of a stop gap between what has come before and the forthcoming album which we hope to have with you before the end of the year.
SUPERBUG will be released on CD, strictly limited to 100 hand numbered copies worldwide. The CD contains 2 extra tracks that will ONLY EVER be available on this CD. SUPERBUG itself will also be available as a Download via all worthy digital distributors.
The CD release will be available directly from us and Norman Records in the UK - N5MD in the US - & P*Dis in Japan.
More details re' the Download situation to arrive in good time. But before then, have a listen to the track we're banging on about on our Myspace page.