Sunday, 20 December 2009

Saki (and the Scumbag)

To the individual who broke into our car last night in Manchester whilst we were playing in Cafe Saki... You are a complete shit. We hope you have a crap christmas and end up behind bars where you belong in 2010. Scum.

This unfortunately spoiled an otherwise good night. The gig was cool, Epic45 were great and the long drive home went OK even with all ice around. Thanks to Carefully Planned for organising the night and cheers to those who came down to watch.

In other news... we're cracking on with recording a bunch of new songs for album no.2 which will be with you next year, and we're pretty excited with how they're sounding so far. I'll try and post some excerpts up here soon.

Happy Christmas everyone...
(except the scumbag mentioned above obviously)

kontakte x