Thursday, 13 August 2009

Roadchef... Why no Dyson Airblades???

Well, that's us done gigging for the next few months then. Finished off last weekend in Birmingham (Sound of Confusion at The Victoria) on Saturday, then The Good Ship with Monsters Build Mean Robots and Up C Down C... on Sunday night. Good times. There's some great photos from Brum here - thanks Wayne.

For the rest of the summer we will be mostly working, studying, recording music, and serving burgers in varying measures. Most exciting of these options is obviously the recording part. We've got a few new things in mind and we're looking forward to trying to finish them off. Hopefully the fruits of these labours will be with you shortly.

There's also an exiting kontakte sound-tracked animation in the works - we'll keep you posted.

Adios amigos...