Sunday, 24 May 2009


Hello you.

It’s been a while since anything was written here, so here are some new words.

So… We have four pairs of hands in the band now. Gary has joined because (a) he brings the average age of the band down to something more respectably 20-something-ish, and (b) he can play guitars pretty damn well.

We played our first gig as a four piece at the Buffalo Bar for Goonite last week, and despite London’s rush hour traffic conspiring against us to prevent any chances of a sound check it went relatively smoothly. Definitely more to come, but as first attempt it was satisfying enough. We shared the bill with two other great bands too – The FM Flash and worriedaboutsatan. If you haven’t already had a listen to these guys you should do…

Other things kontakte have been doing this week include…
- directing vitriolic rage toward letting agents

- buying bedsheets for work colleagues
- indulging in a layabout student lifestyle
- driving vans and lifting amps

So there we are then.

We have more gigs coming up in the next few weeks and months – we’d love to see you there. Keep an eye on the myspace site for the dates.