Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hello 2009

Looking out the window this morning - it was impossible to ignore the odd paradox that is sunshine and snow, both falling from the sky at the same time. Serenity and calmness with a vague threat of one trying to engulf or take out the other. A new track 'Hope...' was being uploaded to our Myspace page at the time and the scene seemed to fit the track perfectly.

This is the first of four tracks which will be uploaded throughout February. The results of a very cold British winter that found us hibernating from the elements, hugging radiators and consuming endless cups of tea. For now they're demos, but there are plans being hatched to set them free sometime this year. Stare out the window and enjoy...

Also, Plan B said nice things about our album...
"Surging forth on a throb of sleek drum machine, Kontakte glide along a shimmering autobahn where audio technology drifts across the spectrum of retro-futurism – and with tracks titled such things as "Motorik", how could it be any other way? They shift down through the gears with a satisfyingly even sense of purpose, flit into passages where the only sound audible could be the dashboard clock marking a frozen time; then, they roar into overdrive, pistons heaving and churning with mechanical glee.
Also on board are a team of remixers who make up half the album's content. Winterlight and Twelve ramp up the fuzz quotient to brain-bursting levels, while others like Electric Loop Orchestra concentrate on extended hypnotic rhythms, drones and swirls. Such epic tendencies are emphasised by Polysicness in their stutteringly soaring "Sterile World"; but it's Oppressed by the Line who make a cruise-controlled fadeout."

Plan B Magazine - Feb 2009